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The afternoon before Christmas ….

December 24, 2020 • General Interest

‘Twas the afternoon before Christmas, when all through the satellite offices of Digital Link,
Staff were coding, testing, troubleshooting, designing —busier than one would think.
Tasks were being attended to with professionalism care,
So in hours  everything will work especially new hardware.
Staff were all looking forward to  Christmas by Zoom,
Hoping and praying the internet will not go Boom!
Five more minutes until the computers powered down,
When an email arrived:  would it be a smile or a frown?
It was something we had been waiting for since September,
Which would make this Christmas one we remember.
The email said it was from Post Office 1, North Pole,
We could hear president Derrick declare, “This speaks to my soul.”
As a team we opened the email on the count of three,
When we did we could not believe what was on our screens to see.

In his red suit, black boots, trimmed beard and traditional hat,
Santa Claus sitting in his sleigh on video – imagine that!
He took one white glove off and took the camera for a good shot,
For a piece of technology that can never be bought.
Under his face mask he showed us the tiniest of computer chip,
That really would make any kind of airline pilot flip.

Then, he focused in on a tiny remote control behind one ear,
Something small and discreet, of course; don’t scare the reindeer.

With one press of Santa’s button, a spray went off in his sleigh,
Protecting all the gifts he has to deliver on Christmas Day.
The spray keeps parcels of gifts safe from COVID in the dark sky,
And when he lands on the ground they are all safe and dry.
Santa searched across the globe for a company to really think,
He emailed and emailed until he found the right one: Digital Link.
Through creativity, technology and caring, work begun,
With everyone hoping for the same word on Christmas Eve: “DONE!”

Santa reached for his cell phone, and read names with glee,
Thanks Derrick and Amanda, Kristi and Alyce, and Bree.
Now Vernon, on Cam on Jeff and Morty. You too, Ben.
You all made it look so easy: like putting paper to pen.
And with that Santa belted himself safely before his big trip,
Knowing all gifts are safe, thanks to his brand-new computer chip.

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