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Changes to your Instagram

November 23, 2018 • Social Media

Let’s talk about the recent changes – and the ones to come – on your Instagram account.

In a recent blog post, they talked about how they are cracking down on third-party apps and “growth bots” that artificially like, follow and comment to increase followers. These apps and plugins (like Instagress and Social Growth) are typically used by Instagram influencers to increase their brand artificially. Have  you ever made a post and found that an account instantly likes or comments on it, no matter what time of the day? That is most likely a third-party bot that is being used to artificially increase engagement. It seems like Instagram is doing their best to eliminate accounts that use such automations. As a result, you may have noticed a decrease in followers – some of them were bots. Don’t worry – they weren’t interested in your selfies or your adorable dog videos anyways!

In a more recent post, they announced that they will be adding some new icons and buttons and rearranging your profile to – theoretically – make the experience easier. Additionally, there will be a de-emphasis on the number of followers to encourage genuine participation instead of a focus on popularity. Also, instead of the sometimes indecipherable icons, the tabs will have text descriptions. The main part of your profile – your photos and videos – will remain untouched.

All of these changes seem like a genuine desire to keep Instagram from being manipulated artificially, and to keep people focused on engagement.

What do you think – are these changes good?

p.s. We’d love to have you follow us and comment on our Instagram. But only if you are NOT a bot.

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