Tech gifts to give this holiday season

Top 5 Tech Gifts to Give this Holiday Season 

November 22, 2021 • Tech Tips

At Digital Link, we are constantly asked our opinion on emerging technologies, ways to improve efficiency, and great deals! So, we put together our top 5 list of tech gifts, gadgets, and gizmos for the holiday season. 

*Please note, these are selections by our team. Digital Link has no affiliation with any of the companies suggested, nor do we receive compensation for any links clicked. All opinions given are those of the writer.* 

Nanlite Halo Ring Light 

The Nanlite Halo Ring Light has been reviewed widely and consistently brings positive scores. While the Nanlite offering is one of the pricier options, the difference is in the product. Durable, consistent light with shadow elimination will make all the difference when creating those videos or pictures for your social media. 

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Square LED Light Panels 

The Nanoleaf Canvas light panels are perfect for the picky influencer on your list who is looking for a new way to decorate their streaming or studio space. The teens on our list scored this one high as well. The customizable LEDs are great to illustrate your mood, the content you’re covering, or even the day of the week! Available in 4 or 9 panels, you can add a touch of light or illuminate your life! 

Harvest Elite 360 

For the plant lover in your life, the Harvest Elite 360 comes with everything you need to avoid killing yet another leafy friend. With a built-in grow light, reminders for when to water and fertilize, and a compact and esthetically pleasing case, this little unit is the perfect companion. Enjoy herbs or vegetables year-round from the comfort of your own kitchen. Now everyone can have a green thumb!  

Theragun Elite 

While suspicious at first, when our team tried the Theragun Elite, they were immediately convinced: this one is a winner! Easy to use solo, quiet, and great battery life, this device ticked all the boxes.  

Tip from the team: don’t overdo it! They aren’t kidding when they say deep tissue treatment!  

Lumino Lito  

Just when you thought the book lover in your life would be left off the tech gift list, along comes the Lito. This light is all about the aesthetic. An incredible compliment to any bookworm’s collection, this device hides in plain sight when not being used and adds a touch of class when needed. 

Thank you for reading our list! We would love to hear what tech gifts you are giving this year. As always, the Digital Link team is here to help with your pressing technology questions. 

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