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Extending your Wi-Fi Outdoors (Hammock Office!)

July 4, 2022 • Tech Tips

With summer here, I have wanted to work outside. Unfortunately, my WiFi didn’t reach to my hammock. Which is just…devastating. But it did make me think this might be a good blog post: how to extend your Wi-Fi outdoors.

There are a few options – let’s discuss them.

Get your Wi-Fi outdoors with an outdoor Wi-Fi Extender

Ideally, you would install a Wi-Fi extender (or wireless access point/wireless repeater) that is meant to be left outside. This device can withstand the elements while communicating with your indoor router to spread the internet love to the yard. You’ll have to make sure the extender you get is compatible with your router (or you may need to upgrade that as well). You also want to make sure the unit is rated for this harsh climate. These can be hard to find and expensive, but are the best option for a reliable signal outside.

Extend your Wi-Fi with Mesh Wi-Fi

Another option is upgrading your router to mesh Wi-Fi, which can cover up to around 5000 square feet, which is usually enough to extend into your yard. Unfortunately, positioning the satellite units to optimize the outdoor living space can cost you a little in terms of your indoor speed. Essentially, you want to position each unit around your house with one or more as close to the outside space as possible. You can expand the system if you find you now have dead spots inside. These systems are a bit expensive, so you might want to test the range before you commit.

Get more Wi-Fi range with an Indoor Wi-Fi Extender

The cheapest and simplest (and potentially least effective) option is to install an indoor range extender. Again, you have to make sure you are choosing an extender that works with your router, or you will have to upgrade that as well. Most wireless extenders also slow your speed considerably, unless you use a tri-band extender. But – like I said – cheap and easy.

I love being outside in the summer. With a little effort, I think I can make this hammock office work.

What do you think?

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